About Us

SolutionX is a dynamic, creative and innovative IT solutions provider. Established in the year 2001, SolutionX invests heavily in Research & Development to bring latest technologies and solutions to our customers. As a result, our products are all developed based upon our Application Server, the SolutionX Platform, the products of our intensive development and vast experience in IT solutions delivery. The SolutionX Platform is a time-tested, platform-independent, flexible, scalable and extensible platform that allows our applications to leverage on the Internet Infrastructure and various other medias to empower the users to receive and send real-time information or alerts, and bring information in the application closer to the users like never before.

In fact, SolutionX is also experienced in offering Business Intelligence consultancy services to various industries and have sent employees to work with various Business Intelligence projects in the Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications and even the Retail sector. Combining strong IT solutions delivery with Business Intelligence knowledge, we are able to guide our customers to empower their users to use our applications effectively and to derive meaningful information and to perform analysis to gain a deeper insight of their information, enabling them to make informed decisions. This unique end-to-end approach of combining IT solution with Business Intelligence analysis ensures that our customers are able to take full advantage of this Information Technology age to improve their efficiency, discover hidden trends and increase their competency without troubling themselves with complicated software incompatibilities or system integration issues.

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