SolutionX CRM

The complete solution to assist you in acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers and enhancing customer experience

In this modern society, SMEs are facing ever greater challenges - more intense competitions, higher customer expectations, not to forget, the imminent impact of globalisation. All this calls for the need of a more focused customer-oriented strategy to acquire customers, retain customers and enhance customers experience. SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a solution developed by SolutionX Software to fill this market segment.

Features & Benefits

Increase your Customer Acquisition rate

Leads are potential customers, and SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to keep track of your leads, enabling your Sales team to focus on qualified leads and decreasing the time needed to convert leads to customers. Various reports allows you to track your leads, and there are reports that allow you to view leads by lead sources, enabling you to focus on your marketing spending on effective mediums and also reports that allow you to view neglected leads to ensure that you do not lose your leads to your competitors.

Improve your Sales Process

Managers will be able to leverage the information tracked and managed by SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to produce a revenue forecast, review all the past interaction and action done by their Sales Representatives with their leads, contacts and opportunities. This allows them to detect Customer trends and improve their Sales Process, to better meet their customers requirements and expectations and maximising the Sales Team productivity. SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to customize the Sales Stages to suit your organization needs and better reflect the actions or stages your Sales Team needs to perform in the Sales Cycle, thus ensuring that they will get up to speed with this solution in no time.

Reduce your Sales Cycle

SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to keep track of your opportunities to enable you to identify and prioritize on your sales opportunity. This leads to reduced sales cycle as you can determine and concentrate on your key opportunities. A reports such as the Opportunity Pipeline Report enables your Sales Team to track their Opportunities by their Sales Stage. In addition, the Forecast Report enables you to get a forecast of the potential revenue and hence helps you to stay on track to meet your Sales Target.

Increase Revenue from existing customers

SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to keep track of all your interactions with your customers. It also keep notes or remarks you have entered regarding your customers. This allows you to have a deep understanding of your target customers and gives you the 'unfair' advantage of being able to recall all the past activities with your customers at the click of a mouse button. In addition, analysis reports such as the Sales by Organization Report allow you to monitor past successful opportunities with your customers and analyze your customers buying pattern. By having a deep insight of your customers, you can create new opportunities with your existing customers and thus, increase the revenue you gain from your existing customers.

Know where your Sales are coming from

SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has reports such as Sales by Organization, by Partners, and by Lead Source to ensure that you know where your sales is coming from. This knowledge enables you to focus your marketing spending on effective mediums, analyze your Customers' sales pattern and rate the effectiveness of your Organization Partners.

Enhance your customer's experience

To ensure that your customers will return to you for future purchases, it is important that your customers trust your company and your products. SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to keep track of cases or issues and capture important information regarding issues your customers have and the associated solutions to resolve the cases. There are reports that allows you to keep track of outstanding cases that needs to be resolved, ensuring that you can close the cases in a timely manner, hence increasing your customers' satisfaction and trust. In addition, both the support cases and solutions are fully searchable to ensure that if the same issue happens again, the response time required to close the issue will be minimal.


SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was designed to improve your business process in every industry, for every job role.

The following are some of the modules that include in SolutionX Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Organization - Keep track of your customers detail and information. Attach documents, or images pertaining your customers to enable you to easily retrieve them later. You're also able to keep notes and activities involving the customers here.

Contacts - Keep track of the person of contact for each Organization. Keep notes and activities involving the contact.

Lead Source - Keep track of all the various sources from where you obtain your leads, be it newspapers or magazines you advertised in, or even your web page.

Case - Increase your customer experience by managing and monitoring Cases or issues raised by your Customers. Keep track of all the activities and solutions from the beginning when the case is reported up to the closure of the case.

Lead - Keep track of all the activities from the date a lead is created up to the date the lead is converted to become your customer. You're also able to enter Lead Source information in this module, to allow you to monitor which Lead Source is generating more new leads for you, hence ensuring that you know where to concentrate your marketing spending on.

Opportunity - with SolutionX bManager, you will never lose a single opportunity again! Use this module to monitor your progress and where you are with your opportunities. Generate valuable reports that help you decide and concentrate on your higher prospective opportunities and to reduce your sales cycle.

Campaign - Launch new campaigns to attract new customers. Keep track of how effective your campaigns are and the resulting opportunities that are created by your campaigns. Track the ROI of your campaigns to measure their effectiveness and benefits to your company.

Reports - the system allows you to generate on-screen viewable or printable PDF documents that provides you with information or summaries of your data. Leverage on the reports to get important information regarding your business such as Campaign Effectiveness, Lead Sources Effectiveness, Opportunities Pipeline, Sales to Date vs Last Month and many more.

Item - Use this module to enter information regarding products that you sell,and even associate List Price to each of the items based on various Price Books.

Competitor - Use this module to keep information of your competitors. Competitors can be associated with each Opportunities, to ensure that you know who is also vying for the same opportunities.

Employee - keep records of your employee and their related documents. You can also give them permission to access the system from this module.