In order to better suit your needs, we provide customization and consultancy services that will be tailor-made based on your requirements. With our vast experience in Customized Solutions and Business Intelligence consultancy, you can rest assure that we will be working together with you to achieve your organization objectives and goals, by empowering your users to keep track, manage and analyse the invaluable information in your organization.


Customized Solution

Every organizations have different needs and business goals. To ensure that your organization needs and goals are fulfilled, we can develop a solution just for your organization. The customized solution will be developed on top of the SolutionX Platform. By leverage upon the SolutionX Platform, you can be assured the following benefits for your solution:

1. Our standard modules are available and customizable, saving you time and cost of developing everything from the scratch.

2. Your solution will have a standardised user-friendly and easy to use user-interface.

3. Your solution will be equipped with our SolutionX Workflow, ensuring that the solution can perform timely automated workflow such as automated task creation, task due escalation and automated case logging.

4. Your solution will be able to leverage on SolutionX Notification to send notification messages via SMS, IVR calls, fax and emails, to you, your customers or your suppliers, vendors and service providers to ensure that the appropriate person will always be kept informed when things happens to enable them to take the appropriate action.

5. Your solution will be open-ended and will be modular and extensible, so that changes or additional modules can be integrated into your solution without major changes.


Business Intelligence Consultancy

In this highly-competitive Information Technology era, organizations are using many different tools and options available to strengthen their product line, improve their services, and re-brand their organization to differentiate themselves and maintain their competency and to increase and maintain their market share. Business Intelligence is one of the tool that organizations can leverage upon to:

- deepen their business insight

- improve operating efficiency

- analyse hidden trends

- discover, acquire and maintain high-value customers

Thru Business Intelligence, business users will be able to perform various operations such as drill-down and slice-and-dice on their datamarts and perform various filtering on the datamarts to retrieve the information they want. This will enable them to capitalize on organizational database and information to perform analysis and make informed decision.

SolutionX Software has placed Business Intelligence Consultants in various projects and industries such as banking, insurance, and retail. Our Business Intelligence team ensures that your organization can empower your users to use the data and information in your organization and convert them into important knowledge to deepen their insight of your organization. Using tools and technologies available, our team will be able to extract and transform your data into a datawarehouse and further aggregates or separate them into different datamarts for analysis by different power users.

In addition, we have an Analytics Dashboard tool that allows your employees to monitor and track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by different Key Results Area (KRA), enabling them to have an overview of the organization performance, and to be able to react and take the appropriate action as soon as possible. SolutionX Workflow can used to perform automated tasks when a certain event or criteria is met, for example to log the event or to create an inspection task in the SolutionX Asset Management System. In addition, SolutionX Notification can be leveraged upon to send notifications to the relevant person when a certain criteria is met, for example, when the Production level drops to a certain level, or when the Room Temperature of the calibration lab falls above or below from the range of acceptable temperature.